Designing and creating decorative textiles for the home is our daily vocation and aspiration. A meticulous selection of fabrics is essential in making any ambience uniquely alluring and radiant. Our creations are developed across the entire decorative textile spectrum: curtains, wall fabric, bedding and accessories that complement and enhance any home style. We constantly find ourselves on an intricate journey between the passions of homeowners, the visions and needs of those who desire, commission and discover their dream homes. Our mission is to be what the tailor is for those who want a specially made tailored suit. We cater to the desires of our customers through the ingenuity of the Roberto Molteni collection.


Roberto Molteni Interior Decoration is a company specialized in soft decoration, the art of decorating, or better, dressing a home in its textile component to give each room a unique and personal touch.

For many years we have collaborated with companies, architects and designers in furnishing projects for the creation of everything concerning the textile part of a project. Anyone who works in this sector knows that completing a carefully designed furniture project gives a home an unequivocal touch, making it extremely welcoming and unique. Often the importance of this decorative aspect is underestimated, but a single personal touch in creating combinations of colors and materials between individual furnishing elements can make all the difference. Valuing the textile part of a project is crucial in moving from a mere beautiful home to one where those who will live there will feel completely welcomed and at ease, in tune with their custom made space created in the image of their desires and needs.

Just like in fashion, we believe the home should be similar to garment that is made to measure. Furnishing is not simply the act of combining furniture and accessories, but gives life to the passions of those who will be enjoying their sofas, beds and armchairs. The fabrics as well as the materials and the nuances of each piece are part of an ensemble that the eyes and the mind will associate with the word Home.

Roberto Molteni Interior Decoration deals primarily with fabrics, curtains, bed linens, baths, tables, and accessories such as decorative pillows and plaids, sophisticated wall coverings in paper and fabric. These elements fall into the world of soft decorations, used organically and in combination according to customer desires and tastes.

To think about how to express the concept:

Customers can view our fabric showroom at Salvioni Milano Durini where they have the opportunity to view not only the individual furnishing products but also the relative decorative combinations proposed by Roberto Molteni Interior Decoration, for a more complete and satisfying experience.

Erre, soft and bespoke, is our household linen collection capables of enriching and
defining the identity of any living space; sophisticated and versatile proposals to
dress the table, the bedroom, and the bathroom with an all-Italian style, for all
personalities and styles of living.
Purity and elegance to create emotions… welcome to the world of Erre!

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